About Us

Biz Buzz LLC was launched to provide solutions that allow Small to Midsize Businesses (SMBs) to compete at a higher level with massive corporations. It’s our belief in the American Dream and desire to keep that dream alive that motivated us to open the company. Our goal is to empower SMBs while helping them reduce expenses, increase profits, drive sales, and save time.

Our Process

Our process is simple; first we have an initial discovery consultation to discuss your business’ unique needs. Once we have an understanding of your goals and current situation, we educate and recommend services that are best suited for your business. As your business changes, your needs will inevitably change; we are here for you every step of the way.

Our Structure

Biz Buzz LLC is structured so that everyone wins.  Companies spend an exorbitant of money on advertising & marketing, lead generation, sales professionals, and so on in hopes of generating sales.  For this reason, the vendors and service providers we work with are happy to pay us for bringing them an ideal client and ONLY pay us when a transaction takes place.  This model allows us to offer our consulting service at no cost to our clients. We do not have exclusive relationships with service providers as each provider has its own differentiating factors that make them ideal for certain circumstances.  We work with providers of all shapes & sizes and continually research and vet new service providers to stay current with the changing marketplace.  By working with a wide range of service providers, we can educate you about new technologies and trends in the marketplace while introducing you to the best option(s) for your specific needs.  We live in a complex and constantly changing world which can work for, or against a business.  Let Biz Buzz LLC take the guess work out of the picture and help you partner with the best options for your business.